It’s safe to say that our company, our product and our community of organizers have long been the beneficiary of the early work Dave Morin did at Facebook where he co-invented the Facebook Platform and Facebook Connect. Today, we’re happy to announce that he’s formally in the family at Eventbrite as our newest appointed board member.

After spending several years at Apple, Dave moved to Facebook, where he worked tirelessly on making the Internet more social. After several years, he left Facebook to start Path with his co-founders and former colleagues from Facebook. Over the years working with these game-changing brands, Dave has developed an incredibly appealing cocktail of expertise that is part social, part mobile and part design.

Morin brings this mix of expertise to the Eventbrite Board, which already consists of business and industry leaders such as Sean Moriarty, former CEO of Ticketmaster; Barry McCarthy, former CFO of Netflix; and Roelof Botha, former CFO of PayPal and Partner at Sequoia Capital, among others.

So with that, we’re proud to pull up another chair to the table for Dave and welcome him to the Eventbrite family.

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