Savvy organizers recognize the advantages of having a custom mobile app to promote the big event and provide a better experience for attendees. Now, thanks to TapCanvas, developing a custom mobile event app just got a whole lot easier. With this integration, an Eventbrite organizer can build and deploy a custom mobile event app in as little as 60 seconds using TapCanvas’ powerful yet easy-to-use web-based editor.

Forget about that New Year’s resolution that you made about learning to code; or spending too much money hiring a developer to build that custom solution. TapCanvas and Eventbrite have already done all the hard work to enable you to enable in-app ticket sales with just a couple of clicks.

With this new partnership event organizers can now:

  • Build a custom app in minutes and provide rich content and context about an event to help drive ticket sales and attendance
  • Leverage the power of the mobile web to better promote an event online and offline
  • Provide guests with event details including agenda, speakers list and other specifics
  • Sell tickets to their potential audience directly within an their app, making it easier to drive attendance

If you are an event organizer looking for a cost-effective yet easy-to-use solution for providing a mobile-enabled event experience, TapCanvas has you covered. You no longer need a big budget and access to professional developers to have a mobile app for your event. With TapCanvas and Eventbrite you can launch an app in minutes so you can provide a more engaging event and grow your audience.

Give it a try yourself or check out TapCanvas and other Eventbrite Partners!