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Paperless Post Stamp

My name is Mitch, and I am a tech addict. If there is a new gadget or service, I like to be the first to give it a fair try.

While I love all things new and shiny in technology, I still find myself appreciating some offline nostalgia. For example, receiving personalized mail will always be enjoyable because of the time dedicated to picking the letterhead, personalizing the content, and delivering it – this same sentiment just doesn’t translate to an email invitation.

Enter Paperless Post, which manages to perfectly marry the convenience of online invitations with the delightful experience of physical mail. It’s no wonder that Paperless Post is adored by event organizers across the web.

Of course, Eventbrite already allows organizers to send event invitations, and our recent invitation facelift made a big difference, increasing attendee RSVP rates and aesthetic appeal. We think our invitations are great, but Paperless Post takes it to a whole new level.

Today, we’re proud to announce that we’re providing you with more options by partnering with the leading invitation engine, Paperless Post.

It’s the perfect partnership. While our organizers were asking for improvements to our invitations, Paperless Post users were asking for more robust registration and event planning tools.

Now, when a Paperless Post user selects a card that has an “RSVP” or “Save The Date” component, they will be prompted to link an Eventbrite event. Once the account is linked and the respective event is selected, Paperless Post will auto-populate the rest of the invitation with information from their Eventbrite page. When the organizer sends out their card, the card will include the ticket widget for attendees to register. All these great features, and you still save money on the stamp!

Check out the listing on our page! For more information on using Paperless Post with Eventbrite, check out our tutorial.