If you follow us on Twitter or Instagram, you might have noticed some strange posts from us earlier today.


Don’t worry, our Community Manager’s phone wasn’t stolen and our accounts have not been compromised.

Because it’s Valentine’s Day, we got to thinking about how much we love you. Wow, that sounds creepy, huh?

But really, everything that we do at Eventbrite is with you in mind. We really do think about you non-stop! Will Jane like this feature? How will Bob be able to use this to sell more tickets? Will Earl think this is confusing?

Our loved ones sometimes send us selfies (a text, a Snapchat, an Instagram) so we figured that we’d send the people we love some selfies of our own!

Check out this album to learn how much we dig you.


#WhoLovesYa? Eventbrite does. Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!


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