Kevin Hartz, Eventbrite CEO

What do a sock puppet and the original PayPal business plan have in common?  Why, they both live on our CEO’s desk…duh! wanted to know about 2 things that Kevin values in his office* and why. (*If by “office” they mean small desk set in the middle of our open floor plan)  To find out why Kevin would bother to keep these items on his already cramped desk, read on.  Bonus if you spot the Eventbrite mascot in the published team photo!

SF Business Times

As a San Francisco native company, we were honored to be profiled by Patrick Hoge in last week’s SF Business Times.  The article gives a glimpse at the exciting things that are happening at Eventbrite right now.  For our team (and our parents), this article was a framer!  Read about Eventbrite in the SF Business Times