Last week, we issued a call to all of our heroes. With a great response from awesome event organizers, we are proud to bring you the first heroes in our campaign: The Midori and Friends organization and its heroes Danielle Guerra and Caroline Horn.


The Heroes:

The fearless Danielle Guerra and Caroline Horn soar above New York City, bringing the gift of music to those who need it most. Armed with the ability to make every moment musical, these two want to “crush”-endo the lack of musical education in the public schools of NYC.

Danielle and Caroline are a part of the Midori and Friends organization. Founded in 1992 by then 19-year-old, world-renowned violinist, Midori, this non-profit’s mission is to bring a musical experience to schools in lower socio-economic neighborhoods throughout the boroughs of the city. To date, they work with 40 schools in the NYC area.

Midori and Friends’ mission is to bring music to children in schools throughout NYC.

The Villain:

Art and music programs have been under attack by a tireless villain, budget cuts. How are our heroes going to disarm this problem this danger? By creating awareness through an event, of course.

The event that changed it all:

The Midori and Friends organization has never called upon the help of a younger generation. Our caped crusaders took their powers to Eventbrite to create the very first “Young Friends” event. The networking event will be a way to spread awareness to 21 to 39-year-olds who care about music and supporting the arts.

Caroline Horn – #MyHeroIs my two-and-a-half year old son, Griffin. He reminds me how exciting each little facet of my life can be.

Social media channels and the ability to share events allowed them to reach the audience they needed. It was a way to get their demographic pumped about the program and event. Our heroes pushed the event heavily through Facebook and utilized email blasts to current subscribers to spread the word.

Our heroes found a great spot, targeted their attendees and are ready to host an awesome event that is going to be held tomorrow!

If you’re in NYC tomorrow, be sure check out this great event. Our heroes are fighting for those less fortunate by providing the gift of music. They know that raising awareness through this event is a step in the right direction and hope many more events will follow.

Danielle Guerra – #MyHeroIs my father. He taught me to dream and that everything was within reach.

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