Eventbrite for Mobile on iOS 7…Coming Soon!

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Tom is a Product Design Manager and Ravi is a Senior Mobile Engineer at Eventbrite.

At Eventbrite we’re committed to constantly innovating and keeping pace with the newest technologies — especially when it comes to Eventbrite for mobile, our app for discovering and getting tickets to events. We were one of the first apps to integrate with Passbook for iOS 6 last October, and one year later we’re excited to once again adopt the latest and greatest technology from Apple: iOS 7.

When iOS 7 launches next week, its radical shift to simplicity will represent the iPhone’s biggest update since it first hit the market in 2007. We’ve always designed Eventbrite for mobile to be a streamlined experience, so the two of us — Tom on Design, and Ravi on Development — have spent the past few weeks dedicated to building a new and improved, iOS 7-optimized Eventbrite for mobile, which we’ll be releasing in a couple weeks.

A fresh start with iOS 7

Building for iOS 7 is unfamiliar territory for both mobile designers and developers, but that’s made it all the more exciting to work on. We’ve taken this fresh start as an opportunity to rethink our app from the bottom up and simplify our app’s architecture to focus on content, making it even easier to discover great events. The process has also been something of a case study on the importance of close collaboration between designer and developer. The two of us have been operating as a “startup within a startup,” and focusing solely on iOS 7 has given us the flexibility to make decisions on the fly and iterate at a more rapid pace.

The new Eventbrite for iOS will have enhanced features and a simple, intuitive design and navigation reflecting the new iOS 7 principles. Keep an eye out for the update to hit your iPhone in a couple weeks!

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