It’s been one amazing year since we launched our nonprofit program, Eventbrite for Causes. As we reflect on positive feedback and success stories, it makes us proud to be empowering so many organizers who support such worthy causes.

This anniversary isn’t about Eventbrite or our NPO program. Rather, we want to take a moment to recognize and congratulate all the amazing nonprofits that have successfully raised money and spread awareness using this program and our software. So far, 1,600 nonprofit event organizers have sold over 375,000 tickets with Eventbrite.

We’re so thankful for the kind words and inspiring stories that we consistently hear from our organizers. We love sharing all of our customer’s successes.

The popularity of Eventbrite for Causes, has reaffirmed that events are a powerful tool in both spreading awareness around an issue, and raising money for a cause. Already, nonprofit organizations have used Eventbrite to raise over $24,000,000 with events. We’re thrilled to see that Eventbrite for Causes has become an important resource for nonprofit organizations throughout the world, championing a wide and exciting variety of issues. We look forward to improving the tools that we provide to nonprofits, like through our recent partnership with BroadCause, and we can’t wait to see what the nonprofit community does with Eventbrite next!

Have you held or attended a great nonprofit event on Eventbrite? We would love to hear about it in the comments below.