Last Thursday, at the tail end of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York, Eventbrite held our own runway show in San Francisco to bring together the local fashion community and feature emerging artists. Project San Francisco showcased local talent and served as a platform for recent graduates and alumni from fashion school embarking in the industry. Eventbrite is a great tool for fashion event organizers to sell tickets and promote their events online. Whether it’s Fashion Week shows in NYC and Vancouver, or Fashion’s Night Out and Fashion Fights AIDS in San Francisco, there are a ton of fashion-related events using Eventbrite for their ticketing.

The event was sold out and went quite smoothly: here are my 5 key takeaways for hosting a great fashion event:

5. Hosting a runway is a lot of work. That’s why it’s great to team up with someone who totally knows what they’re doing—like Owen Geronimo of the San Francisco Fashion and Merchants Alliance (SFFAMA). Owen was key for booking the models, hair/makeup, and designers and coordinating the runway production. Between all the clothing racks, fittings, changing and prep for the show, having a show producer who knew his stuff was key. This certainly wasn’t his first rodeo! If you missed the show you can check out a video of it here.

4. Giftbags are fun! I think I’ve made clear my thoughts on party favors, and this event had giftbags with a fun fashion twist. My new favorite fashion search website TheFind provided adorable totes for all of our attendees which were stuffed with discount cards from local designers, Bumble and bumble samples from a local salon, 7×7’s recent City Guide issue, orange Saltwater taffy from Eventbrite and pretzel chips and popchips for some snacks.

3. Find a cool/unique space—but don’t oversell tickets! We rented out the space at The Summit in the Mission district because (a) it’s an awesome space and (b) it’s a new venue that just opened a few months ago (I like using places that are fresh and unique). Having a runway takes up a certain amount of space, so it’s important to be mindful of the venue capacity so it’s not overcrowded. I also learned that having an elevated runway might have been a better option so people in the back could see better.

2. Make sure it’s clearly communicated when an event sells out—and leave some wiggle room. We were unable to sell tickets at the door because the event sold out online. This is great, but it was also too bad we had to turn people away. We had a number of people who were interested in buying walk-up tickets and it was unfortunate that we couldn’t let them in. There were also a number of people who explained that they “knew one of the models” or designers or whoever. We were able to make certain exceptions, but this needs to be communicated prior to the event. If your event is going to sell out, make sure anyone involved in the event knows their guests must RSVP prior!

1. You can tie a charity in for more than just an online donation. Our ticket sales benefited two nonprofits: The San Francisco Fashion and Merchant’s Alliance and Dress for Success San Francisco. We also collected donations at the door in the form of accessories for Dress for Success, which is a nonprofit that provides interview outfits for women.

Whether you know a designer, show producer, boutique, emerging artist… Eventbrite is a great way to sell tickets to your next fashion event! And stay tuned, because we will also be hosting a trunk show in San Francisco next month called Fresh and Local at Project One Gallery. Details soon to come!

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