If this is your first time reading the Eventbrite blog, we’ll just cut to the chase. We tend to geek out pretty hard over data and numbers. Whether it’s the worth of one Facebook share or tweet in our Global Social Commerce Report, or the latest trends in fun runs and obstacle challenges, we’re always excited to share our findings with you.

Today, we’re excited to share with you that we’ve processed $2 billion in gross ticket sales for organizers worldwide since we were founded in 2006. If you’ll remember, in March this year, we announced that we had crossed the $1.5 billion mark, which means that 25% of the total gross ticket sales for organizers were processed in the last six months.

What does this mean? Well, putting it simply, there are tens of thousands of you who are using Eventbrite each month to manage, promote and sell tickets or registrations to events of all sizes and types. Whether you’ve used Eventbrite to organize a small class, a book signing, a networking event, a concert, a festival or a huge convention — you’re contributing to the incredible ecosystem of events that take place.

So, on behalf of us, congratulations! This milestone is celebrating you, our event organizers, our community of do’ers. You’re making this world a better place and we’re excited to see what’s in store for the future!