As many Europeans begin preparations for the Summer, Eventbrite is kicking into full gear with news for our international friends! To give you a hint, Kevin and Julia have been spending time with potential partners and conference organizers in Germany and The Netherlands…

You guessed it!  Today we announced two new additions to our localized site lineup: Germany and The Netherlands! These sites continue our international expansion, as we look to extend the Eventbrite service around the world. We are excited to watch how our new local markets adopt Eventbrite. After our France launch, we saw a 400% increase in signups, and will be closely watching our new sites for similar spikes.

As a quick recap, we opened the doors to our London office in late 2011, and expanded our global offering with launches around the world and down under. Our team loves listening to our customers and their feedback, and one of our top international requests was support for Germany and The Netherlands. They may go head-to-head in football this month, but at Eventbrite we think both of our new localized sites contain winning features, the full list is below.

These launches help Eventbrite further expand into continental Europe, as they join ranks with our France and Spain sites live today, and Portugal, which we announced last week is coming in Q3! Even without a localized product, we’ve seen loads of Eventbrite activity in Germany and The Netherlands. So we are excited to be able to offer German and Dutch event page language options for the first time, and offer an even more local feel for our friends in Germany and The Netherlands.

Check out the features for our new sites:

New features include:

·    Local date and time format selection

·    100% local language user interface for all event organizer tools

·    Payment support for those who need to add taxes to tickets

·    Mobile tools for organizers in their local language are available via appstores

·    Listings of local events are on the homepage

·    Email support in the local language (we are hiring, too!)

Stay tuned for more on our exciting international journey at Eventbrite.


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