Eventbrite adds repeating events feature

Eventbrite is excited to announce a brand-new repeating events feature. We now support events that repeat but do not follow a regular schedule. In other words, eventholders are no longer limited to setting daily, monthly, or weekly repeats; instead, a user can now specify that a repeat event occurs on any combination of dates and times. So you’ll be able to set events at random intervals, or even multiple events within a single day!

Using the new feature is simple. When creating a new event, click on “This event repeats.”

Select how often the event repeats, from “Daily”, “Monthly”, “Weekly”, or “Other” to set up custom dates. Add a few new dates and times, and you’re all set!

We’re thrilled about the additional options this will give our eventholders. We think it will be particularly useful for entertainment and workshop/seminar-type events, but we expect it will add major flexibility in all event categories!

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  • This is fantastic! I have two events that trade times every other month, to accomodate different time zones, and this will help me set that up.

  • That’s a cool feature. But I would like to have events that repeat, but don’t have similar content. And people must be able to see the schedule for the year ahead and book accordingly. Keep up the good work.

  • Definitely a good add on and suits my needs perfectly.

    FYI though I am having trouble with the display of multiple day events, i.e. events that last two days or more are not showing the correct end date. I’ve logged this ‘bug’ via email but I’m still waitng for a proper reply.

    Other than that, absolutely stoked with Eventbrite!

  • We’ll check on that, and thanks for the input. Also feel free to contact support directly at 1-800-350-8850.

  • We have one event scheduled with workshops in different locations. I was hoping they could register for the event and then select a workshop. I wanted the ticket to reflect which workshop location they selected and time.

  • Hi Victoria. If the workshop itself (aka the “parent”) is consistent, you can designate the different locations and times of day (the “children”) in the ticket types. You can then have the entire arrangement repeat on a different date, if you’d like. If this gets tricky, feel free to check in with our support team: 1-800-350-8850.

  • I’ve added (and saved) one repeat event to an event that starts tomorrow, but the repeat event doesn’t appear on the “My Events” “Live Events” list. When will I be able to see it and edit/manage it?

  • Whoa! Not sure if I did something wrong, but I just checked the registration page for tomorrow’s event and it had changed! The time remaining for ticket sales was wrong (it now reflected the date/time for the repeat event) and I’d lost my options (“Show number of tickets remaining on the registration page” and “Show attendee list on the registration page”). I had to remove the repeat event and manually restore tomorrow’s event to its former self. Ouch!

  • The repeat event falls under the same parent event (it’s not separated), so you should just be able to see it under the dropdown.

  • This could be a bug; our support team can walk through the steps with you. They’re at 800-350-8850.

  • i’m a non-profit, promoting an event to raise funds for Haiti earthquake relief effort at a private venue in the Miami design district. I have no budget to advertize with your company. My event is planned for friday March 26th, 2010 celebrating Women month as well

  • This is a great first step and cut down the time to setup an event by at least an hour for me. However, the supporting functionality needs to catch up (reporting, invites). I loved receiving an emailed list of my attendees 3 hours prior to my event – something I do not get in the new format, and the invite function merely states “multiple dates” instead of showing the date range for the events. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing enhancements to this functionality.

  • Excellent! We think it adds a lot of flexibility. Let us know if you’d like any help getting set up.

  • I am sold on EventBrite and continue to spread the word about it with my professional contacts. Most of the events I work with are, in fact, repeating events, so the full potential of this new feature is exactly what I’m looking for! On the event’s edit page, under Additional Options, two significant options disappear for repeating events: “Show number of tickets remaining on the registration page” and “Show attendee list on the registration page”. Until these features are enabled, the repeating events function is not useful to me. Of these two, the more significant one is the first (show number of tickets remaining). Ideally, when a user is registering for a ticket and selects the event date/time from the drop down (step 1) the registration page would populate the tickets remaining information and attendee list information. Thanks for continuing to work on this feature, because as the others have said, it has such great potential to streamline both the event administrator’s and registrant’s experience.

  • Appreciate the love for Eventbrite and the feature, Palmer. The options you mention are definitely on our radar—along with several others—as we expand what users can do with repeating events. In short: stay tuned! And thanks for the specific feedback.

  • I just recently joined eventbrite and found this feature to be an essential part of my event experience. Question- are you able to charge separately for each repeat? I have participants who want to pay only for specific dates/times.