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Depending on your event, sponsorships can be an important contributor to your cause or your bottom line. In the past, we’ve discussed best practices for approaching and engaging sponsors, but in the spirit of being a tech start up – shouldn’t there be app for that?

That’s why today, we’re excited to announce a partnership with SponsorHub – a platform that allows brands to easily identify, assess, and sponsor the “right” events, on a scalable level. They offer unbiased ratings across a broad range of qualified events…from small to big and local to national.

SponsorHub has integrated Eventbrite’s API, so that Eventbrite event organizers can easily import their upcoming events. As an organizer, this saves you precious time by eliminating the need to re-enter your event information.

Easily import existing Eventbrite events into your SponsorHub account.

Additionally, if you’re a SponsorHub user and you haven’t set up ticketing for one of your events – you can easily create a new Eventbrite event from your SponsorHub dashboard.

Eventbrite and SponsorHub are two services that are improving the experience of organizing events by simplifying previously complicated tasks with online tools. At Eventbrite, we’re excited about this partnership, so we hope you head over to SponsorHub and check it out!