Katie, aka @BriteLondon, took a break from playing hostess to test her hula-hooping skills.

Fun, surprising, orange.

These were the three words that were constantly at the forefront of my mind as I set about planning Eventbrite’s UK launch event.

The UK already has a hotbed of loyal Eventbrite users. So, not only did we want to communicate that what we were ‘launching’ Eventbrite.co.uk and the London office; we also wanted to take the opportunity to thank our UK users and create an experience that had Eventbrite written all over it.

The folks we invited was always going to be crucial. The tech industry in London were among Eventbrite’s early adopters, so friends from many and various tech companies, such as Yelp, Mixlr and Tech-Hub – came along to represent. But Eventbrite’s event organisers really do span the spectrum – so charities (Amnesty; Breakthrough Breast Cancer) and financial event organisers (Anton Kriel) were also amongst the folks that came along to party with us!

On the night, Kevin’s keynote speech part way through the evening was pivotal to conveying the message that Eventbrite had arrived in the UK, and to say thanks to all our supporters!

People danced the night away to peppy music on a “Brite” dance floor.

Dressing the room and setting up the entertainment was where we could get creative with conveying the Eventbrite personality. In order to leave no doubt as to whose party this was, we had orange draping and Eventbrite London wrapping paper adorning most of the walls. Orange cocktails with orange glowsticks, plus orange napkins, and British themed canapés – sausage and mash; mini roast beef dinners; and jacket potatoes – sealed the deal.

A photobooth (with orange curtain, obviously) was central to the night’s proceedings; guests could dive into the fancy dress box before getting (Eventbrite branded) snaps to take home.

On the music front – Crème de Chevre set the ‘fun’ element at the start of the night with a set of rockbilly covers of everyone from The Prodigy to BoyzIIMen. Next up were DJs Rich and Nico from awesome London music start-up Mixcloud, who provided the sounds and got everyone dancing for the rest of the night.

Attendees were encourage to use and follow Twitter hashtag, #BriteUK.

The surprise element was the most fun bit. QR codes were placed strategically around the venue. Guests scanned these and were directed to an Eventbrite page with a brief lowdown on how QR codes help Eventbrite organisers with speedy check-in – and invited guests to continue the party in a secret champagne bar, if they could find the man in the orange top hat.

From the photos and feedback about the party, I think our brand messages came across loud and clear, but I’ll be looking at ways we can play with our Brite theme in the future – and also looking for ways to ensure people associate Eventbrite parties with unmissable great times!

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