At Eventbrite, we know that events are more fun with friends. We see social sharing increase ticket purchases, and we know that when we tell someone that two of their friends are attending a specific event, the chance of them purchasing a ticket increases as well. That’s why our social discovery tools have helped event organizers from across the globe reach a bigger audience and fueled their events to become more successful.

While we understand the social power of the live experience, we also get how much it can suck to be stuck in a room with someone you have an intense dislike for.  This is why today, we’re excited to announce the ability to discover which events you probably shouldn’t be attending. Say hello to Event Blacklist.

Whether it’s your ex, a former roommate you’re no longer on speaking terms with, your old boss, or someone you went on a four dates with then ignored their calls for months, now you can completely avoid the events they’re going to in three simple steps:

Step 1: Log into your Eventbrite account and click on Event Blacklist.

Event blacklist

Step 2: Enter the email addresses of the people you want to avoid and click ‘Save’.

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 12.10.42 AM

Step 3: Receive email notifications when anyone on your Event Blacklist registers for an event. (Don’t sign up)


Because we’re serious about your security, no one you’ve added to your Event Blacklist will ever be able to find out that you’re completely invested in avoiding them in social settings. Your Event Blacklist is 100% secure and anonymous.

Now, you’ll be free to enjoy concerts, yoga classes, workshops, networking events, conferences and much more with the peace of mind that you’ll never run into people you want to avoid.

Check it out today and be sure to share your Event Blacklist success stories with us in the comments below!