Plenty of people are using Feb. 29 as an excuse to host an event, and they’re using frogs to do it.

Do you know Kate, from Minneapolis? If so, wish her a Happy Birthday. Kate only gets to celebrate her birthday on Feb. 29 once every four years, so she got a bar, created a hashtag (#KatesBigLeapYearBirthdayBash), and set up the party on Eventbrite.

She’s not alone – there’s plenty of people out there who are using the once-every-four-years holiday as an excuse to celebrate. From all of the events we’re seeing on Eventbrite today, we can gather two conclusions:

1)   People like to drink on Feb. 29
2)   People who host events on Feb. 29 like leap puns and images of frogs

There are plenty of cocktail hours and networking events at bars today. (This is probably more a tribute to a Wednesday night event rather than leap year, but still.) However, we’ve seen a few creative takes on these, such as this burger cook-off in Canada, and this Detroit, Mich., bar tour to celebrate a “day that only exists sometimes!”.

The other consistent is plays on words with “leap” and an image of a frog. Residents in Glen Ridge, N.J., are playing Leap Year Games with kids ages 3 – 5, with a leaping frog logo. Entrepreneurs are encouraging folks to “Leap into the Future” in Honolulu, Hawaii, at a speakers series. Folks in Singapore are using the day as an excuse to make five new friends under the banner of a frog leaping from his desk, briefcase in hand.

So, how are you celebrating Leap Year Day? Feel free to share in the comments. (And if you’re headed to this event, to learn how to walk on fire, definitely let us know in the comments.

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