As an events and ticketing company with millions of listings around the world, we know a thing or two about the events that people are buzzing about. And we know that New Year’s Eve, December 31, is the king of the holiday events season: it’s when we see a huge spike in the number of events and tickets purchased, a trend we witness every year. To get a better understanding of why New Year’s Eve is the king of events, we asked event-goers to tell us more about their plans and thoughts surrounding New Year’s Eve**.

The cost of a good time

Something about that ball drop makes people want to drop a dollar or two. Between new threads, transportation, food, a babysitter, and more, our survey revealed that Americans plan to spend more than $3 billion on New Year’s Eve this year.

A NYE event for every budget  

We also peeked in at New Year’s Eve happenings across the country to gain an understanding of what you can expect to pay to ring in the new year and discovered there’s a party for everybody. The average cost of a 2014 New Year’s Eve event ticket is $68***, but there’s plenty (42%) of events for those who want to reign in the New Year for less than $50. We also have plenty of options for those that want to ball out on New Year’s Eve, VIP status.

New Years Eve Eventbrite Infographic

FOMO (i.e, Fear Of Missing Out) peaks on New Year’s Eve

Ever experienced that nagging feeling that if you don’t go out and celebrate on New Year’s Eve you’re missing out on the best night of your life? You’re not alone. Forty-two percent of people say they feel pressure to do something exciting for New Year’s Eve and 1 in 2 say they would feel they were missing out (FOMO) if they didn’t hit the town this New Year’s Eve.

FOMOK (Fear of Missin’ Out on Kissin’)

Do you have your New Year’s kiss lined up yet? If not, hope is not lost! Forty-four percent of Americans say they would rather smooch a hot stranger at midnight than nobody at all. So, if you’re looking for someone to smooch, all you have to do is make some new friends.

New Year’s Eve soirees come in many styles and sizes, and if you haven’t made your plans yet, it’s not too late. Avoid New Year’s Eve FOMO and hop on over to Eventbrite to check out New Year’s Eve events in your area.

** Eventbrite-commissioned Google Consumer Survey, December 12, 2013; 1,000 respondents.
*** Based on Eventbrite 2012 data of average cost of US events occurring on December 31; 2012 ticket cost trends are consistent with 2013 cost trends