Do your attendees need more time? Eventbrite comes to the rescue!

We just recently made a change to our service so that event holders can manually specify how long each attendee has to complete their order. This is especially useful if you have a long attendee survey and you want to give your attendees more time to complete each question. Or it also comes in handy if you have a very popular event and you don’t want to tie up tickets for very long – in which case you would make a very short time limit (a la Ticketmaster). When an attendee is within your specified time limit, the tickets they’ve selected will be “on hold” and not available for others to purchase. If the time limit is exceeded, those tickets will be released.

To access this feature, select Collect Registration Info from the left feature menu on the “Manage” event page and scroll to the Optional Settings section.

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Julia Hartz

Julia Hartz

Julia Hartz is Eventbrite’s co-founder and president.