Connecting people isn’t easy for some of us, but these tips will help you navigate the process.

Connecting – introducing two people whom you know and respect to each other that ultimately results in something greater than the two apart.

I love connecting. Becoming an evangelist for Eventbrite solidified my love of bringing people, passions, talents, and ideas together. Some people are naturals, like my friends Amanda and Michael. Amanda works the room like a politician, Blackberry and iPhone in hand; almost every person she meets gets introduced to someone via email or text. Michael is the same way. Once, I had a meeting with him, and by the time our hour meeting was finished he has a list of more than 20 people to connect me to, and he did. It is an incredible thing to watch them work.

Not everyone is like Amanda and Michael, but I believe anyone can become a connector. Here are some tips on connecting your network.

Tip 1: Connect Selflessly – You should never connect people if you have a hidden agenda. I think of this as a karma thing. Good connecting will come back to you, and you never know who they will connect you to down the road.

Tip 2: Connect Wisely – Your friend loves thrift store shopping and your other friend loves writing code for websites. Chances are there isn’t much they are going to be able to help each other with. Make sure you’re not connecting for connecting’s sake. There are no weekly requirements for bringing people together, so be sure to know enough about what each party does and what they need before putting yourself in the middle.

Tip 3: Follow Up with Your Connects – Since you are the one who knows both parties, take the time to follow up with each person to see how things pan out. If one person doesn’t respond, or if it goes poorly, you should know since they are both your acquaintances.

Tip 4: Be Welcome to Connects – Don’t be afraid of connections that come your way. I figure if someone took the time to connect you with someone they know it is worth your time to find out why. Not all fruitful connections will be apparent right away. Situations change all the time, so they could be a godsend months or years down the line.

Tip 5: Not Every Connection Turns Into a Love Fest – There will be many connections that go nowhere, but you never know how you might change a person’s day, career, aspiration, or even love life simply by introducing them to someone you happen to know.

So go forth and connect!

Peace, Love, & Parties,