Eventbrite was founded with the goal to help make it easier for anyone to organize events. We’re passionate about creating technology that makes it less complicated for people to rally a group around a common theme or interest, from intimate yoga classes to huge concerts. When our Politics and Government team was founded in 2012, the goal was no different. We set out to empower campaign and government organizers and make their fundraising events, town halls and rallies painless to organize.

Over the past two years, it’s been exhilarating to see candidates and elected officials on both sides of the aisle adapt to constantly evolving communications landscape. We’ve seen them say goodbye to paper forms and asking supporters or constituents to RSVP by email, watched them learn more about their community and grow their email database from the data they’ve collected, and embrace today’s digital marketing trends — from more traditional platforms like Twitter and Facebook to less conventional ones, like Reddit or Vine.

Fortunately, these efforts have not gone unnoticed. Since 2002, the Congressional Management Foundation has been recognizing Members of Congress, Senators, and their staff for promoting accountability and transparency in government through their websites and use of social media. This year, we’re excited that Congressman Mike Honda (D-CA) was awarded a Gold Mouse Award for his Citizen Engagement on Social Media as a result of his use of several social media platforms, including Eventbrite. We’re truly honored to have helped him better serve his constituents, and we look forward to continuing our work with other Members of Congress.

“I am honored that the Congressional Management Foundation recognized our use of new social media to serve constituents. When I held a town hall to help enroll Californians in health plans through the Affordable Care Act, my constituents used Eventbrite to RSVP. The 200 available spots were booked within a week. My staff used Eventbrite to ensure all of the attendees knew when to arrive and the program of the event.” – Congressman Honda

Curious about who else won a Gold Mouse Award? You can read the entire recap here, and learn more about how Eventbrite has been used by federal offices and agencies here. If you’re organizing a rally or town hall, they’d love to help you make your next event a success! Drop them a line at Government@Eventbrite.com.