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Eventbrite allows event organizers to collect data that helps them run their business. Our users would tell us how valuable this information was for importing into CRMs, email providers, and other complementary applications.

When we launched our first integrations, we saw strong adoption and we haven’t stopped since. We’ve since launched over 100 integrated apps for Eventbrite users.

As we grew the program by adding more and more apps, we kept hearing the same feedback from Eventbrite users and app partners – we needed a better way to connect our users to our app partners. We’re excited to show you our new and improved App Directory!

With the new App Directory, we wanted to focus on enabling 3 new areas:

App Discovery: We’ve added the ability to search the new Directory by keyword or app name. We’ve also improved our categorization and browse features, so that it’s even easier to find a new app – rather than just looking for integrations to apps that you already use.

Informed Usage: Before using a new app, there are a lot of questions to be answered. The new App Directory has more structured content around apps, which we require developers to fill out. Additionally, app developers are now the ones creating their our app listings – as we think content ownership will increase the quality of content on the listings.

Direct Relationships: As adoption of apps grew, so would contact volume to our customer support team. While we’re happy to pick up the phone 24/7, we realized that our team isn’t the best team to answer every questions, especially about 3rd party apps. The new App Directory was created with the idea that every app should have a direct relationship with their users. So, you’ll find contact information on every listing.

Whether you’re looking to see whether Eventbrite integrates with your existing apps, or hoping to discover a brand new product — give our new App Directory a look to see what we offer!

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Mitch Colleran

Mitch Colleran

Mitch Colleran is a product manager who looks after Eventbrite Spectrum and the supporting APIs. Find him on Twitter at @Colleran to chat about an increasingly connected web, Eventbrite's approach to platform, or world travel.