A couple months ago, we announced some new Eventbrite features specifically tailored to organizers of endurance events (marathons, cycling events, triathlons, mud runs, etc.). Given all the excitement at Eventbrite around Endurance, we decided to conduct a survey to understand what drives people to participate, what keeps them away, and the perceived benefits of running, specifically.

What we found was fascinating – and encouraging.

First, the pertinent details:  The survey was conducted by a third party research company called Harris Interactive on behalf of Eventbrite.  It included over 2,200 Americans over the age of 18 in July 2012.  Here you will find a link to the press release for the survey results, but we wanted to take a minute to share what we think were the top takeaways from the survey that represents the most interesting themes woven from the survey.

Eventbrite Endurance Survey Highlights:

  • INTEREST IS HIGH: 71% of Americans have or would consider participating in an endurance event
  • CHARITY WINS: 34% of Americans would be inspired to participate in an endurance event to raise money for a good cause, versus 27% who claimed weight loss as an inspiration.
    • Interestingly, younger people aged 18-24 were nearly twice as likely as those aged 35+ to be motivated by raising money for a good cause, compared to other reasons.
  • RUNNING TRUMPS THERAPY: 56% of Americans believe going on a run would be more therapeutic than talking to a therapist/psychologist.
  • WEIGHT LOSES: “To lose weight” was the 4th most popular answer when asked what inspired people to participate in an endurance event – behind “to raise money for a good cause,” “for the opportunity to increase my health and fitness,” and “for the challenge of it.” Women were more likely to express losing weight was inspirational than men (30% to 24%, respectively).

We were particularly excited to see that there was so much interest in leveraging endurance events to benefit charitable causes.  In 2011 alone, nearly $40 million was raised for charities via Eventbrite’s platform.  All 501c3 organizations are qualified for a reduced rate, making it easy and affordable for nonprofits to take advantage of Eventbrite’s powerful platform!

So run/walk/cycle/swim/exercise until your heart’s content…  And if you’re one of the many doing it to raise money for your charity of choice, extra kudos to you!