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Create a New Year’s Eve event on Eventbrite, and you could win money for, say, a fireworks budget.

Party-goers feel a lot of pressure on New Year’s Eve. They want the perfect party, the perfect wardrobe, and the perfect moment at midnight.

That pressure can feel even stronger if you’re the one who volunteered to throw the New Year’s Eve party. Whether you’re a pro hosting the biggest bash in town, or a guy renting out the bar for your buds, it can be stressful to plan the year’s biggest night.

Don’t compromise on your biggest night of the year. We’re here to help by throwing a lucky few event organizers some bucks to start their party with a bang. If you create your New Year’s Eve event on Eventbrite, you’ll be automatically entered to win $2012.

There’s no entry required, and we’ll be randomly selecting one New Year’s Eve event organizer on each Monday of December. (There are a few rules, which you can read here.) The sooner you plan your event, the more chances you have to win, so why not get started today?

Not only that, but we’re here to help give you insights into your party, as well. Throughout the next few weeks, the BriteBlog is building your New Year’s Eve Survival Kit. Want tips on entry management? Looking for something creative to do at midnight? Hang out with us. We’ll be covering those topics, and more, to make sure that you start 2012 stress-free.

Here’s to a great New Year’s Eve(nt), and a Happy New Year!

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Ready to win? Set up your event on Eventbrite and see how easy it can be to plan, promote, and collect payments for your event.

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