Have you ever hosted a free event? Then you know what it’s like. People register for free events just to hold a spot and decide later whether or not to attend.

That’s why we released a new feature this week that allows attendees to cancel their order if they decide not to attend a free event.

Attendees can click the “Cancel Order” button on any of their free orders (on the newly-designed My Tickets page) if they can’t attend the event. By canceling their free order, it immediately makes an additional spot available for that event and both the attendee and event organizer will receive an email confirming the cancellation.









Attendees will still have to request a refund from event organizers for any paid tickets and registrations (depending on the organizer’s refund policy), as well as any order that contains both free and paid tickets and registrations.

You can always view orders and attendance to help you prepare for your event (on the Manage tab) and access attendee reports to see how many orders were canceled for your future planning purposes.





Though you’ll never be able to know exactly how many people will show up to your event until it’s game time, we hope this feature will help you get closer to an actual headcount before your event!