2012 has been the year of the party here in Britain, with the Jubilee whipping the country into a patriotic fervour and The Olympics spreading a feelgood factor to every corner of the land. Now, of course, we’re rapidly approaching the party of all parties; New Year’s Eve.

Given that Eventbrite is the event organiser’s best friend, we set out to find out more about how Britain views New Year’s Eve, asking everything from their views on transport to their chances of a midnight smooch. Here’s what we found:

30% of all people (32% of women) we asked had no concrete plans for the night. This provides party organisers with a massive opportunity, as not only are the ladies still undecided, but most of them need a really strong reason to leave the house. So, get thinking about how to make New Year’s more appealing to female party goers and you could end up with a hit on your hands.

Brits are a famously open minded bunch, and 49% of them like to do something different every year. So don’t worry if you’ve never organised anything before, your event could be a big hit!

Despite being open minded, we found that most Brits still have one thing on the brain. An optimistic 20% of Brits hope to bring the New Year in whilst making love, and 24% consider a kiss an essential component of any successful New Year’s Eve. If you want to start 2013 in the arms of another, the odds are definitely on your side.

For those organising local parties, we have some great news. 33% said that one of the things that keeps them indoors on New Year’s Eve is the lack of decent transport to and from venues, great news for those wanting to create a New Year’s Eve party for your neighbours!

Fundamentally though, the main aim of New Year’s Eve is to have a laugh, with 57% telling us that’s what they want from the night and 17% just looking to reconnect with old friends.

So, whether you’re one of the 43% of Brits responsible for organising some sort of bash, the 34% who’ll be celebrating with friends and family or the 20% of Brits who inevitably refuse to discuss their resolutions, we’ve got you covered!

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