Our Event Evangelist team was busy last week, prepping for their retreat at Eventbrite HQ in San Francisco!

Chad, aka 1/2 of @BritePolitics, watches eager attendees get their tickets scanned at a Mitt Romney event in Manassas, Virginia.

@BriteUK  gets the official Boston tour with @BriteBoston!

@BriteBoston takes @BriteUK out for  night out on the (Bean)town at the Wonder Women of Boston event!

@BriteLA indulges her sweet tooth at  the best dessert table she’s ever seen!

@BriteChicago prepares for her trip to the Briteland with appropriately hued shoes.

@BriteNYC heads to Napa with the rest of the EE team for their annual retreat! Pictured: Honig Winery.

@BriteSF snaps some shots of the EE Vineyard Tour!

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