Who doesn’t love some good tunes to help you cruise through the final hours of your workday? Today’s Brite Jams playlist comes from our Product Manager, Ty White. He created his playlist based memories of the past two and a half years at Eventbrite. Using the My Tickets section of the Eventbrite App (naturally), he went through all of the past events he’s attended. Some of these artists played at events, others just reminded him of some great Eventbrite memories. Check out the links below (we’ve got you covered, both Rdio and Spotify) and plug into these Brite Jams!

Click here for Ty’s playlist on Rdio

Click here for Ty’s playlist on Spotify

1. Queen, “We Will Rock You”
I have to start with a shout out to our WeRock (Customer Support) team. They are the lifeblood of this company, and some of the sweetest, most genuine people I’ve ever met. Not only that, they’re also ridiculously talented at helping our organizers and attendees problem solve so everyone has a great experience!

2. Django Django, “Storm”
This is a shout out to our incredibly talented Engineering team. Most of our backend is written in Django, and we use Storm to help process the massive amounts of data that hit our servers. There are a number of other great technologies that go into making the Eventbrite product great, but they don’t make nearly as good song and band names (DJ Hadoop? hmmm…).

3. alt-J, “Tessellate”
This one goes out to the Sales team, who are deeply rooted in their verticals of expertise. As a tiny example, alt-J is one of the hottest bands to come out this year (heck, Mumford & Sons are covering *them*! http://soundcloud.com/thebluewalrus/mumford-sons-tessellate-alt-j) and a member of our music sales team snuck me an advance copy of the record a month before it came out and blew up! It’s been on repeat ever since.

4. Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, “Mistadobalina”
The first concert I attended that Eventbrite ticketed was a launch party for BandPage at Mezzanine. Del (who you might also know as part of Gorillaz) and his homies headlined.

5. Pained Palms , “All Of Us”
SF natives Painted Palms have played a couple Eventbrite-ticketed events, including my old favorite (sadly now defunct) monthly tour The Rumble, where I first saw them live.

6. Miniature Tigers, “Female Doctor”
Having spent a couple years deeply ingrained in the MusicTech community as part of my last job, one of my favorite weekends of the year is Music Hack Day (ticketed by Eventbrite, of course). Dozens of nerds gather and have 24 hours to build something awesome in small teams, with demos coming on Sunday evening. This year, three friends (including two fellow Britelings) and I built Hearts.fm. This was one of the demo songs, and I’m pretty sure we were all very sick of it by the end of the weekend, but we won $500 for our hack!

7. Chairlift, “I Belong In Your Arms”
Eventbrite has a huge presence at SXSW every year, even if we didn’t throw a party. But we wanted to have some fun, too, so we threw two parties last year — a public day party at Empire Auto, and a private industry brunch. I got tapped to book the talent, and landing Chairlift (despite our shoestring budget) as the headliner for the day party was the thrill of a lifetime. Big thanks to our friends at Windish Agency for helping make that possible!

8. POLIÇA, “Dark Star”
Last spring, I embarked on an aggressive nationwide tour to promote the launch of At The Door (my baby). I hit six cities in seven days, and had very little time to sit still. When I realized I had a free night in NYC, I checked out the shows in town and saw POLIÇA was playing the Brooklyn Bowl — one of my favorite bands at a venue I had always wanted to go to! The show was incredible (and a great respite from the travel), and I even randomly ran into two friends I knew from SF who happened to be standing directly in front of me! It’s a small world.

9. Blackbird Blackbird, “It’s A War”
Another somewhat local band that has played a number of Eventbrite ticketed events, I first saw Blackbird Blackbird at The Rumble at Milk Bar. It’s always a high-energy show, despite being almost entirely driven by electronics and loops.

10. 1,2,3, “Scared But Not That Scared”
In July, I decided to follow the lead of a number of my friends in LA and host a benefit for St. Baldrick’s Foundation, which helps with childhood cancer. Participants raise money to have their heads shaved. I had been growing my hair for years (with the occasional trim) and had a dozen inches to give up. We raised over $3,500 in just one week of fundraising, and this song (particularly because of the accompanying video) helped get me through the prospect of losing my luscious locks.

11. The Orwells, “Mallrats (La La La)”
One of the greatest things Eventbrite has done for me is hire Ben Kramer. While I knew him digitally for a few years before we convinced him to move up from LA to join our Field Operations team (on-site support for our biggest events), and he has since become one of my closest friends. We haven’t taken the LA out of him, though, as he continues to help run an amazing music blog, Aquarium Drunkard, and record label, which released this fantastic record.


What tunes do you currently have on repeat? Share in the comments below!