Last July, we announced an exciting partnership with Disco Donnie Presents to help bring Electronic Dance Music (EDM) to the masses. After hundreds of events and hundreds of thousands of attendees, we’re still marching on towards that mission.

Today, we’re excited to take another step towards our goal by partnering with Mixify and Disco Donnie Presents to bring EDM to an even larger audience through the offical Meltdown Digital Pre-Festival. The digital pre-festival will take place on Mixify this Wednesday, April 24, and will feature talent from the upcoming Meltdown Music Festival in Dallas. The two lucky¬†winners that will be showcased are Subset from Brooklyn, NY and Jus Jay from Barbados.


As an existing partner of Disco Donnie Presents, a new partner of Mixify, and personal fans of electronic music, we’re very excited to join the party. We hope you’ll be there, too!