As the LA Event Evangelist, I have the pleasure of hosting events to foster an Eventbrite community here among Angelenos. My first Velvet Rope event—dubbed “LA’s Best & Britest“—on February 24 at the hip Stone Rose Lounge in Sofitel LA was a celebration dedicated to our top event organizers. The evening was filled with tons of nifty raffle prizes, festive Eventbrite Pop Rocks and cheerfully customized Hershey’s bars. The highlight of the evening, though, came from a roomful of Eventbrite enthusiasts who are excited to be a part of a new community in LA. From mingling with these “brite” organizers, I’ve gathered some tips for all those potential event planners out there.

1) Plan Early! Secure your venue and vendors early on (photographers, catering, etc.) and make sure everything is clearly outlined in a contract. Booking with plenty of time in advance can save you a lot of stress down the line and leave room for any changes that need to be discussed.

2) Don’t underestimate the power of social media. Use Facebook and Twitter to share the event with friends who in turn can pass along to others in their networks. If you sound pumped for the event, your guests can share the excitement too.

3) Engage your audience at the event. Whether it’s via a raffle, promotional swag or even a fun activity, let them walk away with something to talk about.

4) Have an easy check-in process. Utilize the Eventbrite iPhone app — it’s SUPER easy to use and guests love it!  It makes check-in that much more quick and easy. Name badges at the check-in table are also handy to get guests chatting (especially if you include their company name).

5) Recap email and photos.  Always thank your guests for coming to your event. Posting on Facebook and linking on Twitter is a great way to keep the momentum going for your guests to see themselves reliving the good times in pictures. Don’t forget to encourage photo tagging!

For the latest and greatest event info in Los Angeles, keep up-to-date with Eventbrite on our Facebook and Twitter. Til next time behind the Velvet Rope!

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