You don’t need a monster marketing budget to reach and engage craft beer lovers. Check out a few nontraditional ways you can make a big impact with beer-lovin’ fans without breaking the bank.

1. Social Media Want to create buzz for your next event? Turn your beer fans into your biggest promoters with Eventbrite’s built-in social media sharing tools.

2. Cans Incorporate your own cool, one-of-a-kind can for your next event. There’s really no fresher way to enjoy a beer, and they’re easy to recycle!

3. Growlers Let beer lovers bring home specialty brews from your next tasting event in unique, collectable growlers that they won’t be able to find on the shelves.

4. Mug Clubs Hook new beer fans by offering a membership program at your next event and engage your superfans with perks!

5. Speciality Beer Launches New partnership or new seasonal ale up your sleeve? Host a release party–people love an exciting excuse to drink!

6. Food Pairings Add another level of interest to your craft beer by showing people how it pairs with foods.

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