New Integration Allows You to Sync Attendees to Batchbook CRM

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When your business runs on events, your attendees are your customers.

Keeping track of all your attendees can be a tough task that many event organizers ignore or don’t do efficiently. When we talked to our customers, we heard that many of our event organizers store their customer information in basic excel files or over-pay for software that is unnecessarily complicated for their business.

For quite a while, Eventbrite has been informally recommending that our users check-out — but today, we’re excited to announce an official integration.

Batchbook is the web’s most social CRM for small businesses, and can help Eventbrite organizers build meaningful relationships with their best attendees and customers.

With this integrations, it will be easier for Batchbook users to:

  • Store and manage their Eventbrite attendees: Importing your attendees into Batchbook from Eventbrite is quick and intuitive. Now you’ll be able to easily track who attends your events the most frequently, or which attendees you still need to follow-up with after the event.
  • Invite their contacts to future Eventbrite events: Driving attendance to future events is also easy with this integration. From Batchbook, you can import contacts into a contact list from inside your Batchbook account — making sure that all your contacts are in the know about future events.

Learn more or get started now with a 30 day free trial of Batchbook of sign up for a free webinar to learn how to use Batchbook and the new integration!

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Mitch Colleran

Mitch Colleran

Mitch Colleran is a product manager who looks after Eventbrite Spectrum and the supporting APIs. Find him on Twitter at @Colleran to chat about an increasingly connected web, Eventbrite's approach to platform, or world travel.