Back in May, we introduced the first version of ‘Easy Entry’, our iPhone app for check-in. Since then, countless Eventbrite users have gotten on board with this simple, paperless way to manage event entry.

We’ve also received a ton of great feedback about ways we could improve the app (as of this writing, our original post has 60 comments and counting). That feedback has touched on many things, but the vast majority of it centered on two words: barcode scanners. As in, when were we going to get them?

The answer is: right now! As of today, users with the iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 (and iPod Touch with camera) will be able to scan tickets quickly and easily on the device*. The app pulls your guest list from the Eventbrite servers, and allows you to easily check in attendees by scanning their ticket barcode, looking up their name, or browsing a digital list. All check-ins are synced with the servers so you can see who showed up. Check-ins can also be synced across multiple devices, so you can have multiple entry points for more efficient entry management.

And that’s actually just the beginning of the many improvements in Version 2.0, which also includes repeating events support and a bunch of other good stuff. The full details and several screenshots of the app are below. We encourage all you iPhone types to download the app right now—and keep giving us the great feedback!

What’s new in Version 2.0:

  • Users can now check in attendees by scanning the 2D barcodes on Eventbrite tickets. (Note: camera and iOS4 are required for scanning, and iPhone 3G and earlier are not supported.) Barcode scanning powered by Quickmark.
  • Support for repeating events
  • Search for guests by first name, last name, or email
  • Updated check-in interface allows users to seamlessly switch between search, list, and scan methods of check-in
  • Email, ticket type, and payment method are displayed under attendee name
  • New user options to set sync settings
  • Event list shows past events for up to 7 days

And that’s not all for check-in news… We’ll soon be launching our first-ever entry management tool for the core Eventbrite platform. That’s right: all your check-in needs, right from your Eventbrite account. Stay tuned!

*Scanning powered by Quickmark