Looking for something to do this Memorial Day weekend? Eventbrite has you covered. It’s time to nail down those plans, and Eventbrite has you covered. Here’s a sampling of some great options for all tastes and locales—from electronic music in San Francisco and Vegas to boating in Austin to a free gathering with veterans in San Diego. Check ’em out! And if you don’t see something that fits your bill, this is a great time to head over to the new homepage and see what’s turning up under the popular events in your area.

An electronic music extravaganza in San Francisco:

A spectacular Armin Van Buuren show at Rain nightclub in Las Vegas:

Amazing tickets to a Cubs game in new rooftop seats, in Chicago:

A birthday bash for Jadakiss in Miami:

An evening lake cruise in Austin:

A networking picnic for young professionals in Morristown, NJ:

The UNITE Music Festival in Buffalo:

And truly honoring Memorial Day, a free gathering connecting kids with veterans and their stories, in San Diego:

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