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VivaBrite 10.11.11 Feature

I love when people use Eventbrite to host an event for a cause. It’s incredibly inspiring to see someone use the tools to build not only an event, but a movement. Just this week, I’ve come across events raising awareness and funding for causes ranging from children in need on the other side of the world, to a friend looking for a bone marrow match.

I know that I’m not alone; each of us at Eventbrite feel the same way. That’s why we’ve decided to formally recognize the people who are out there, making a difference in their communities and beyond through the power of events.

We’re teaming up with Vivanista to host the VivaBrite Awards on November 11, 2011, as part of the Vivanista Fundraising Summit. At the ceremony, we will call out the great people who host an event to create something even greater than themselves.

Anyone (including you!) can nominate folks or organizations in five categories:

Best Fundraising Event – This event left attendees feeling like they experienced something truly memorable, while at the same time fulfilling the financial and community- building goals of the host organization.

Best Use of Social Media – This team best leveraged the various online social networks, in order to drive attendees to their event and raise the visibility of the host organization.

Best Corporate Sponsor – This corporate supporter demonstrated a deep commitment to the philanthropic mission of their nonprofit partner, and contributed more than monetary assistance.

Event Chair of the Year – This individual demonstrated leadership in both his or her dedication to the mission of a nonprofit organization, as well as the creation of a unique event that was successful at raising money and building a community of donors and supporters.

Best Party for a Purpose – This fundraiser was more than a good time; it elevated attendees’ social consciousness and inspired them to be more aware of the host organization’s overall mission.

Feel free to check out the event details and nominate your friends by Monday, October 17. Stay tuned to our blog for the winners, where we will tell their stories and hopefully inspire more world-changing events into 2012 and beyond!

If you’re a fundraiser or event organizer looking to improve your skills, check out the Vivanista Fundraising Summit. Use discount code “EVENTBRITE-VIP” for a $100 discount on 3-day tickets through Oct 18.


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