This past fall, we announced our first-ever Eventbrite Performing Arts Grant. After reviewing close to fifty entries, we narrowed down the group to ten finalists. Then, after meeting with the ten finalists and many sleepless nights (seriously, all of the groups were so good — it was so hard to decide on just three winners!), we chose our winners. And now, we’re ready to announce the three groups to the world!

Say hello to Alphabet Rockers, CounterPULSE and Ray of Light Theatre.

Alphabet Rockers is a fresh and funky family music group from San Francisco. Childhood friends Kaitlin McGaw and Stefanie Liang met Tommy Shepherd and well, the rest is history. They’ve been mixing hip hop, beatboxing, soul, imagination and dance with the learning concepts from the K-2 curriculum. We caught up with Kaitlin and could feel her energy even through her emails!

“Eventbrite is stepping in for us where record labels would in the past. We don’t have a funder to front the promotional shows and tours to promote our music, so we sometimes are stuck with what is just in front of us versus what we have always envisioned. What we want to do is reach families and children and bring amazing and affordable shows to them. Eventbrite is providing us the opportunity to create this experience for our community – thank you!!”

We fell in love with the Alphabet Rockers as soon as we heard their Shape Rap, and we’re sure you will as well.

CounterPULSE is a non-profit theatre, performance space, community center and gallery with roots deep in the Bay Area’s performance and dance scenes. CounterPULSE produces its own shows, helps support local artists and activists with its programs, and the space can be rented out for productions and rehearsals.

We spoke with counterPULSE’s Development Manager, Kathryn Cole, who said, “We’re honored to be one of the first recipients of this arts grant, which will make possible our festival and fundraiser, May Day, featuring an exciting lineup of local performers, which will in turn support the hundreds of risk-taking artists who will come through our doors this year. It’s exciting to know that Eventbrite values the work of local artists and arts organizations, and through this grant, is a leading example of community-instigated investment in the arts.”

Ray of Light Theatre produces both contemporary musicals and new visions of classic musical theatre with the mission of entertaining, educating and enriching the San Francisco Bay Area performing arts community. With a strong commitment to producing theatre that reflects and informs their own community, Ray of Light Theatre creates dynamic and engaging musical theatre experiences, facilitates workshops and trainings to empower artists of all ages, and produces quality theatrical experiences within realistic means. They’ve performed everything from The Who’s Tommy to Jerry Springer the Opera (seen below).

“We’re over the moon with being awarded the Eventbrite Performing Arts Grant and are quite excited to start work with a company like Eventbrite.” -Alexis Wong, Ray of Light Theatre Finance Manager.

We can’t wait to start working with these three groups and help them share their love of the performing arts with the whole San Francisco Bay Area! Stay tuned for pictures and videos from each group’s performances!