You’ve found the perfect venue and created the guest list for your New Year’s Eve party. What’s next? Alert the troops!

Who wants to spend hours addressing envelopes by hand and leaving post office delivery to chance? Here’s where our friends at Paperless Post come in.  Paperless Post offers beautiful electronic AND paper invitations that you can connect to your Eventbrite event!

We could easily go on and on about why you should check out Paperless Post — but we’ll make it brief. Here are our five favorite reasons to use Paperless Post for your NYE event!

1. Invites to Match Your Party. Fancy New Year’s Eve event? Use a fancy invite! There are hundreds of festive NYE designs you can choose from. Kate SpadeBernard MaisnerMad Men themed? Yup, they’ve got you covered.

2. Fully Customizable, No Ads. Unlike other party invite services, Paperless Post doesn’t have any ads, so your guests will only see the information you want them to see. Additionally, if it is an event with sponsors, you can add their information and logos to the invite as well!

3. No Mailing Address? No Problem. Who has mailing addresses these days? Send electronic invites to your email buddies and then send the SAME invite in paper form to your parents, grandparents or other folks whose addresses you have memorized!

4. Eco Friendly! You know what’s great about Paperless Post? No trees were cut down to create them. Be green and save money on stamps, too!

5. Stand Out From the Noise. Once you receive an invite from Paperless Post, you’ll remember it. From the moment you open the (electronic or actual) envelope, you know your guests will remember your event as well!

Ready to get started? Publish your event on Eventbrite and head on over to Paperless Post!

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