At Eventbrite, I’m constantly thinking about how we can improve the event organizing experience for our users – often that’s done through integrations with software products that compliments our service.

Sometimes though, the easiest way to improve the job for the event organizer – is to improve the experience for the event attendee!

That’s why I was excited when I started talking to a handful of buzz-worthy consumer companies that wanted to work with Eventbrite. Today, we’re offering the ability for our event organizers to add 3 exclusive perks to event attendees that purchase on Eventbrite!

It’s a simple proposition for the event organizer. If interested, select the partner below and add a perk to your event. When an attendee completes an order, there will be a banner on the order confirmation page for them to click and claim their perk. Check out the launch partners below, and let us know any feedback in the comments!

Note: Banners are not active perks in this post – clicking on the banners will take you to the perk page.

Uber: http:/

Rent The Runway: http:/

HotelTonight: http:/