As some of you have noticed, we’ve been testing an updated design of Eventbrite event pages for the last few weeks. As of yesterday evening, the new design is in full effect for most free events!

The Eventbrite event pages that you’ve grown familiar with haven’t seen significant design changes in years. By Web standards, that’s decades. Throughout the past few months, we developed a touched-up design that updates the easy registration and purchase experience you (and your attendees) love, with a more polished, modern look and feel.

Some of the new features include:

  • Rounded corners to the detail modules
  • Drop shadows, located along the bottom of the modules, to add depth
  • Grouping of the “When and Where” details into a single module
  • Additional sharing options in the header to improve social distribution
  • More balanced font and layout throughout the page

We began testing this new design a few weeks ago, and slowly scaled it into the full release for free events yesterday.

Why test? Because the primary role of your event page is to drive event registrations and ticket sales. Design changes run the risk of actually making it harder for a user to complete an order. After careful testing, though, we’re happy to say the new design boasts an improved conversion rate, which means a higher percentage of visitors to your event pages become attendees!

The new design isn’t live for quite everyone yet. As of today, all new free events will have the new design, as will all existing free events that don’t have custom headers or CSS. Non-English users will have to wait a bit longer for the update, too.

What’s next? We’re starting to test the new design for our paid event holders. Stay tuned, as we’ll definitely keep you in the loop. Questions? Just ask them in the comments section.