Today’s guest post is from John Tobin of Nick’s Comedy Stop in Boston.

Before the spotlight shines, the marketing folks at Nick’s Comedy Stop focus on three areas to fill the theater.

Nick’s Comedy Stop has hosted top-notch comedy in Boston for nearly 30 years. This month, we launched a weekly Thursday night show geared toward the next generation of stand-up comedy. We’re featuring up-and-coming acts from throughout the east coast.

In order to reach these new consumers, we are focusing on three areas:

New Media

Every comedian knows to go where the audience is. That’s just what we’re doing with our marketing.

We’ve set up our presence on Facebook and Twitter, places where we are able to potentially reach huge new followings. Through these social media channels, we promote our schedules, connect with comedians, and drive traffic to our website.

On Twitter, we have also started retweeting comments from attendees. This is the simplest way to serve as a “thank you” for talking about Nick’s, while also engaging directly with the attendee and encouraging future discussion.

Bringing Comedy to the Streets

Although we have increased our presence online, we also want to nail our traditional marketing, as well.
We have street teams who reach out to potential attendees through direct interaction. Whether handing out flyers, tacking posters up on college campuses, or simply bringing up our shows in conversation, we’re constantly thinking of ways that we can get Nick’s logo in the streets of Boston. As important as social media is to event marketing, it’s important not to forget the power of word-of-mouth.

Customer Service

Call us old-fashioned, but nothing can replace great customer service. Whether our attendee is a local Bostonian, a college student here for the semester, or a visitor to the city for the week, we personally walk callers and online visitors through their entertainment options. We realize that this could be the first time we talk to a potential new attendee, and we don’t want it to be the last because of something so simple that we can control.

What marketing tactics have worked for your venue?

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