A Britelight on Erik Gomez

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A Britelight on Erik Gomez 

A look into the life of a Briteling.


For Erik Gomez, inspiration begins as soon as he wakes up.  Here’s a glimpse into a day in the life of this rockstar designer.

6:30 am: Erik starts his day early with a run through Berkeley hills.

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10:33 am: After Grabbing fresh Philz coffee in the kitchen, Erik crushes it in Eventbrite’s weekly visual communication design team meeting.

Design meeting

12:55 pm: A quick break in the kitchen battling fellow Britelings playing Street Fighter (Erik’s favorite character is Ken).  Eventbrite has two arcade games curated by Britelings themselves, a ping pong table, and a corn toss set.

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2:15 pm:Back to the design lab to work on the Eventbrite mood boards which help designers with inspiration and creativity.

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7:16 pm: Commute back to the East Bay on BART.  Erik uses his 45 minute commute to daydream, people watch and think.

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 8:30 pm: Erik unwinds from the busy day at the office by making sushi at a friend’s house in Berkeley.

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Erik by the numbers…

4  times Erik has attended Burning Man (counting this year’s event).

600  pictures he has posted on the original design lab mood board.

75  percent of Erik’s work day is spent listening to music, usually 2 or 3 hour electronic mixes.

 books Erik is currently reading: Big Sur by Jack Kerouac, Autobiography of a yogi paramahansa yogananda and a novel on the history of art.

7  unique design projects he works on at a time.

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