Leila Najafi, LA event evangelist, shares her best tips for creating an inviting Eventbrite page.

Any event host can send an invitation. It’s the organizers on Eventbrite who send guests something inviting. Check out these eight tips for creating an inviting Eventbrite page to market your event.

1. Make 1-2 sentence teasers. The first few sentences of your event description are the most crucial in grabbing a potential attendee’s attention.

You may be cross-listing your event from a Web page or Facebook page, but resist the urge to copy and paste. Throw in a good teaser to get someone who is just browsing through a list of events to click and check it out.

2. Add a video teaser. If you’re really ambitious, you can include a short video to get people pumped up. Though it’d be tough to top the video in this event page: https://mortla.eventbrite.com/

3. Get your dates right. Nothing is more deterring than confusing info. For example, if you have an event set for a recurring date, but the description remains set for one specific date, (i.e., come out to a Valentine’s party every Thursday night,) people will be confused if the event is still occurring.

4. Include a link for more info about your organization. Visuals and e-fliers are helpful to spruce up your event page, but it’s always nice to legitimize your event with a link to an external Web site or blog.

5. Include clear, concise details about parking. Living in a big city, everyone can relate to bad traffic and, even worse, parking. The easier you make it for your guests to park, the more likely they’ll be motivated to go out and explore LA, or any city.

6. Include an “Attendee List” (particularly for networking events). People are always interested in seeing other charming folks at events, especially if the goal of the night is to connect with like-minded fellows. Guests can even add Web sites or Twitter handles for others to check out before the event even begins. Check this out for an example: https://techcocktailla.eventbrite.com/

7. Make sure to list any freebies. Are the free cupcakes compliments of your event sponsor? List the freebies, PLUS link to your kind provider’s Web site.

Free food, even if just some snackies and light refreshments, always livens up an event. It is just like your college days, where clubs offered free pizza enticements that lead students to discover clubs they never knew existed. Check out this event as an example: https://bumpinshowerla.eventbrite.com/

8. Custom pages can help you sell more tickets. Utilize Eventbrite’s customization capabilities to create a visually pleasing event page – it makes all the difference! People love photos, videos, logos, colors and anything that makes the page stand out. Luckily, with Eventbrite you can do all that and more. Check out this blog post on 5 awesome event pages!

With those tips in mind, I hope you feel more empowered to explore the Eventbrite site and build your next enticing event page.