I love when people use Eventbrite to do something new and unexpected. While there are thousands of examples of this on our site, our marketing team found a handful a favorites from New Year’s Eve.

Each of the events below is a free event. These folks wanted to do something different on New Year’s Eve, and made it happen. We hope that you enjoy seeing these events, and that they inspire you for your next bash!

DIY Ball Drop

Everybody knows the ball drop in New York City, but what if you can’t make it to Times Square?  Create your own version!

Can’t make it to the Times Square ball drop? Count down with a local mascot, such as the in Fayetteville, Ark.

In Tallapoosa, Ga., residents got together for a Possum Drop at midnight. In Fayetteville, Ark., thousands of residents gathered around a paper mache pig representing the local razorback hog. I love these examples; I think it’s such a fun and creative way to bring together your local community. Consider this a pitch for my home state of Rhode Island to start dropping quahogs.

Use the Roof

Many towns and cities have fireworks displays at midnight. You may have the right space to see the show, and an opportunity to celebrate at midnight without leaving home.

That’s just what folks at UTS Housing Service did, in New South Wales, Australia. The housing complex opened up roof access for residents to celebrate the New Year with some fresh air and fireworks.

Take a Deep Breath

Folks in Fort Worth, Texas, distributed free “Tickets to Peace” for their Awaken Peace from the Inside Out event. The 20 hour and 12 minute event included classes on yoga and meditation, live music, and having at least one person meditating for the full 20 hours and 12 minutes.

Be Yourself

There were no tuxes or ball gowns at Mass Ave Tavern in Boston, Mass. Their Average Joe NYE Bash embraced all things low-key, with no cover, casual attire, High Life bottle service and “lots of food”. I love this example of a bar staff thanking the locals and frequent visitors. You can tell they simply wanted to have fun.

Just Dance

Teens in Harrisburg, Penn., took over the city for a flash mob dance party. Participants met at the local Crowne Plaza Hotel to learn some new moves before taking over the city’s Market Square for the main performance. Our team loved this creative spin on a family-friendly event.

Celebrate Like It’s 1962

There must have been some fine Mad Men gear for this “After Party”, which celebrated New Year’s Eve 1962.

This photo of Paul Newman smooching his wife Joanne Woodward at midnight on NYE 1962 helped inspire a great house party theme.

We not only love the theme of this party, celebrating NYE as it was during the Kennedy years, but the research behind it: top movies, music, and some awesome vintage shots of New Year’s Eve 50 years ago. I want this to be the theme of my party next year, with Paul Newman movies on loop.

Grab a Cup

Maverick’s Country Bar and Grill in Bend, Ore., built a theme around that old college favorite, the red solo cup. Folks who visited the bar for New Year’s Eve enjoyed drinks in the red cups, as well as prizes, food, and a live broadcast of the Times Square ball drop. The bar also advertises a one pound burger, which sounds like the perfect partner for a solo cup beer.

Get Glitter

Folks in Manchester, UK, were treated to exploding glitter cannons at midnight. I imagine plenty of those revelers were still picking glitter out of their hair when they went back to the office on January 2. Such a fun idea!

Did you do something fun or offbeat for New Year’s Eve? Tell us about it in the comments, or on Facebook and Twitter!