5 Tips for Building Great Content and Driving Attendees to Your Event

We’ve gotten the advice numerous times that the key to a successful event is ensuring great content for your attendees. To get more insight and gather some best practices, we spoke with Felicity Chapman, CEO of Outside the Cube, a co-working environment for professionals to think, work and connect by providing connections to each other through events and an open work space. Outside the Cube provides three to four events per month that members can attend at no extra charge such as the upcoming events 18 Hour Startup and Successful Public Relations: Telling your story and being heard.

As an event organizer, Felicity is constantly thinking about how to consistently put on great events and we were lucky enough to sit down with her to get some best practices.

Here are Felicity’s tips for creating great event content:

1. Fresh Eyes: Be prepared to look at your message with fresh eyes especially in the early days.  Who is your ideal customer?  What does he/she value?  What is he/she looking to get out of your event?  Put yourself as much in this person’s head and brainstorm their needs and how your event answers one or more of these needs.  Are they looking for entertainment or great networking or a completely different kind of experience like an 18hr. startup?

2. Benefits: What are the benefits of your event?  What will people get out of it?  Put this at the top of your event listing.  Is this THE rock experience of the century or a once in a life time tasting of vintage wines that any conoisseur would be luck to attend?

3. Competitors: What events are you competing with for your target market?  Are they offering similar events?  How is yours unique? You need to make your target confident not only that their experience with you will be better, but also a great value for their money.  Budgets are tight, and especially if they have not yet bought into other events with your company, you need to elicit confidence that they will benefit from paying for your event.

4. It’s in the title: Doing yet another social media presentation?  While certainly a timely and valuable topic, there are tons of social media workshops out there these days.  How will you grab your audience?  Create an action oriented title for your event that goes back to what your customer values. Examples: Listen First! Build revenue utilizing social media.  Open doors: The 18hr Startup Experience.  PR on a Shoestring: Generating media and revenue on a tight budget.

5. Call to action: Your audience has found your event and thinks it is interesting, but what converts them from thinking to acting? You need them to decide to come.  Have you offered a special discount?  Have you made it exclusive (space is limited type of event)?  Have you made it free but created some kind of accountabliity?  After the initial benefits you need to make sure to include a direct response statement and then repeat it at the bottom of your listing.  This provides your audience two opportunities to jump in.

Check out Outside the Cube’s calendar of upcoming events:


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  • the concept of “fresh eyes” is very important, often we get too carried away and only see things from our perspective and do things that we think may be interesting without giving thought to what our audience really wants, often the two things may be complete opposite and contradict each other