2012 Year in Review

Times Square Yoga

One of the best parts about working at Eventbrite is being able to take a peek at all the ways in which people gather around their passions. 2012 has been full of all kinds of events: thousands of New Yorkers did yoga in Times Square; we watched people slog through 390 million gallons of mud at all of the mud runs in 2012; and we teamed up with the Global Poverty Project to take over Central Park with Neil Young. We encouraged people to reconnect with high school friends at 3,915 reunions; 412,707 people discovered a new brew at beer festivals; and we helped 1,230,600 Americans support candidates they believed in at various fundraisers and rallies on both sides of the aisle.

And that’s just a small piece of all the action. As we gear up for 2013, and take a look back at the growth we’ve seen, here are some stats that capture the excitement of 2012:

  • Total gross ticket sales in 2012: $600 million
  • Number of tickets sold in 2012: 36 million
  • Number of languages Eventbrite supports: 7
  • Countries where events were held in 2012: 179
  • Countries where we offer a localized product: 14
  • Number of Britelings (Eventbrite employees): 211
  • Number of poker world champions in our ranks: 1
  • Dollars raised at fundraising events throughout 2012: $59 million
  • Tickets scanned with Entry Manager in 2012: 3.16 million
  • Number of pints recorded by the office kegbot: 495
  • Number of Eventbrite app downloads in 2012: 1.8 million

Needless to say, it was a big year for us; it was the year we helped organizers cumulatively sell over $1 billion in ticket sales! But really this milestone–and all of these stats–are a reflection of the chutzpah, curiosity, and hard work of everyone out there who is bringing people together and exploring new interests through events. We’re so lucky to be along for the ride.

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