15 Ways to Seize the Day in NYC



How can you make the most of your life in NYC?

Eventbrite recently did a study of the “Most Carpe Diem Cities in America”—the cities where people “seize the day” and grab hold of new adventures. That got us thinking: How do New Yorkers make the most of their day-to-day lives?

With the constant hustle, sometimes basic life in NYC seems like a feat. But, in a city with so much to offer, it’s the experiences in life and the people we share them with that brings us happiness  at the end of day.

So, here are 15 great ways to Carpe Diem in NYC right now—pick one, and thank us later by sharing your adventure with us at @briteNYC!

1. Smile on the subway.


2. Citibike to work.


3. Watch the sunrise on the Brooklyn Promenade.


4. Hop on the Staten Island Ferry at sunset.


5. Don’t feel bad about eating that pizza.


6. Bust a move with the best buskers in town.


Photo attribution: ChameleonsEye / Shutterstock.com


7. Ride the carousel at Brooklyn Bridge Park.


8. Go for a run on Randall’s Island.


9. Soar over the Hudson on a trapeze.


10. Listen to music in Central Park.


11. Visit the largest exporter of American craft beer.


Photo credit: Courtesy of Brooklyn Brewery


12. Go for a walk on the Highline.


Photo credit: Julien Hautcoeur / Shutterstock.com


13. Go on a food crawl down Queens Boulevard.


Photo credit: Frank11 / Shutterstock.com


14. Avoid Times Square.


Photo credit: Stuart Monk / Shutterstock.com


15. Stand under the Washington Square Arch. Look South. Then look North. Be amazed.


 Tell us how you love to “carpe diem” in New York City at @briteNYC.



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