12 Barklings of Eventbrite


One of the (many) perks of working at Eventbrite? Our dog-friendly office and the many four-legged friends who accompany their Britelings to work.  In honor of 12/12/12, we’re highlighting some of our favorite Barklings!

Briteling: Ness .   Barkling: Jake, Golden Retriever, 1 year 3 months.   Jake’s favorite holiday activity: decorating (read: eating) cookies, stringing lights, taking naps, being adorable, posing by fireplaces, and making spirits BRITE!
Briteling: Jared. Barkling: Boogie, Boston Terrier, 8 years old. Boogie’s favorite holiday activity: Getting her holiday raw hide which is typically bigger than she is.
Briteling: Tal.  Barkling: Pitzi, Toy Malti-poo, 2 years old.   Pitzi’s favorite holiday activity: playing with socks.
Briteling: Scott. Barkling: Charlie, Mixed Breed, 3 years old. Charlie’s favorite holiday activity: Collecting socks.
Briteling: Sara.  Barkling: Eleanor Roosevelt Pug. 5 years old . Favorite holiday activity: Unwrapping presents!


Briteling: Miguel.  Barkling: Kaia, Pit Bull, 6 years old.   Kaia’s favorite holiday activity: Begging for food.


Briteling: Tanner.  Barkling: David Bowie, Australian Labradoodle, 15 Months .  David Bowie’s favorite holiday activity: Being a muppet.
Briteling: Emily.   Barkling: Napoleon Dogamite, French Bulldog, 6 years old.   Napoleon’s favorite holiday activity: Playing with the big dogs.
Briteling: David.   Barkling: Bourbon, Shiba Inu, 4.5 months.  Bourbon’s favorite holiday activity: Sleeping on top of all of her toys.


Briteling: Mike.  Barkling: Molly, German Shepherdish, 2 years old. Molly’s favorite holiday activity: Cats (year round).


Briteling: Travis. Barkling: Jax, Australian Shepard, 5 years old.  Jax’s favorite holiday activity: Inspecting trash cans.
Briteling: Lauren. Barkling: Rupert, Golden Retriever, 1 year 9 months. Rupert’s favorite holiday activity: Catching up on old issues of US Weekly.


Briteling: Laura. Barkling: Kiyone, Alaskan Klee Kai, 2.5 years. Kiyone’s favorite holiday activity: Pulling miniature sleds. Mush!


Briteling: Andrew . Barkling: Berkeley, Cocker Spaniel, 2 years  old. Berkeley’s favorite holiday activity: Watching football on Sundays.


Briteling: Lindsey. Barkling: Rocky, Terrier Mix, 1 year. Rocky’s favorite holiday activity: Finding sneaky ways to get onto your lap.

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