10 Tips for Your Next Fundraiser

Vivanista 11.21.11

Recently, Tamara, our VP of marketing, participated in the Vivanista Fundraising Summit, where experts shared insights on how to make fundraisers even more engaging and successful. This blog post, originally featured on the Vivanista Blog by Layne Gray, highlights some of the top tips from the conference. Check it out!

Here are 10 tips overhead during the Vivanista Fundraising Summit:

1. People buy event tickets at the last minute: 33% of all tickets sold on Eventbrite are sold within 1 week of the event.
2. If an attendee has 130 Facebook friends, their potential reach in promoting their event is 16,900.
3. When 1 person shares an Eventbrite event on Facebook with their friends, it yields on average $2.52 in ticket sales.
4. Google Grants can earn a nonprofit up to $10,000/month in Google advertising.
5. Google Adwords can be targeted to an audience geographically.
6. A Google Grant can provide 10,000 qualified visitors to a website each month.
7. Testing is important to determine what people are interested in.
8. When driving people to your website make sure you send them to exactly where you want them to end up, not just a home page.
9. Make forms on your website as short as possible or people will not fill them out.
10. Young professional donations come through events, not direct donations.

Thanks to the speakers who shared those words of wisdom, including:
– Tamara Mendelsohn, Eventbrite
– Adam Lewis, Foghorn Labs
– Michelle Curtis, Stanford University
– Cody Damon, CommonsenseNMS

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