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Campus Events: How Stanford University Supports a Thriving Undergraduate Community

university event technologyWith an impressive 600 student groups for over 7,000 undergraduate students, Stanford University enjoys a thriving campus community busy with  events.  We had the privilege of sitting down with Frederik Groce, CEO of Stanford Student Enterprises and Financial Manager of the Associate Students of Stanford University.  Groce’s role is to manage the vast number of financial transactions from student groups that occur daily.

For 10 years, Stanford operated its own internal ticketing system to manage student groups and activities.  However, maintaining this system was becoming resource-intensive, given constantly evolving student needs.  Groce spearheaded an internal initiative to understand what students were looking for in an event technology solution. “We started to look out there, and we realized that students and the way they’re interacting with technology has evolved. No one’s really going up to their computers as much as they used to.  When it comes to signing up for events, people want to be able to use their phones.”

Check out the customer spotlight to see how Stanford University:

  • Enabled students to easily create events shareable to mobile and social media
  • Centralized management for hundreds of student events and organizations
  • Swapped the cash box for PCI compliant payments at events

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