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How an Underground Portland Dance Club Creates Sell-Out Shows

When you walk into 45 East in Portland, don’t let the exposed bricks and underground feel fool you — the industrial night club features state-of-the-art production and some of EDM’s hottest DJs.

The club is run by Paul Song, owner of Red Cube Productions, one of the top production companies on the West Coast. Red Cube Productions has been electrifying the dance music scene for over a decade.

So how does Song keep a dance floor packed for over 150 events a year? His approach isn’t just about filling the space with impeccable, crisp sound, or creating a cutting-edge vibe — it’s about the technology he uses to sell out shows and provide the best experience for his fans.

Switching technology to get even closer to fans

Song had been using Ticketfly to sell tickets to his events at 45 East for years, and his team and his fans were happy. His business was doing great and the technology was working.

In 2017, Ticketfly joined forces with Eventbrite to launch the next-generation live music solution, Eventbrite Music. At first, Song was hesitant to switch over his shows to this new platform. It seemed like a lot of work for his team, who were already managing three to four shows a week.

“The whole migration process was seamless. Once we got started setting up new events on Eventbrite Music, I knew it was going to help us grow our business. We’re so happy with it.”

– Paul Song, Owner

But Song was excited to see what the team that he had always loved at Ticketfly had built in Eventbrite Music. With the same trusted team supporting him and all the functionality that he relied on for years, he knew that making the switch was the right move for his business.

Now, Song is focused on using Eventbrite Music to hit his goal of 15% growth over 2017. To do this, Song relies on:

• An easier purchase process for fans and VIP guests

• Driving incremental sales by reaching fans on their favorite apps

• Improving the box office experience for his team — and guests

45 East by the numbers

  • 4+

    hours saved per week

  • 50%

    faster check-in times

  • 53%

    tickets sold through Eventbrite channels

An easier purchase process for fans and VIP guests

When Song was setting up his first show on Eventbrite Music, he was instantly thrilled.

“The first thing I noticed was that you can set up automatic tiered ticketing,” Song says. “We set certain price tiers of tickets to automatically turn on and off based on how many tickets have been sold.”

Before, Song was used to fans asking for refunds because they bought the wrong ticket. “Dynamic pricing was life changing,” says Song.“ It’s clear for fans what they’re buying, so customer complaints and the need for refunds have gone down.”

This isn’t the only improvement to the ticketing process for fans on Eventbrite Music. Fans on the guest list also benefit.

“I love that I can now sell to a specific guest list,” shares Song. “This has let us collect more data and get to know our VIP guests better, — plus, now we can actually track how many people are showing up from each list on the day of the show.”

Driving incremental sales by reaching fans on their favorite apps

Another upgrade helping Song grow his business? Song has been able to reach fans — and make sales — in more places than ever before.

With Eventbrite Music, 45 East’s shows are automatically promoted to the sites and apps where fans go to listen to music and discover shows, like Spotify and Songkick. These new channels now account for nearly 11% of all ticket sales.

Song also uses Eventbrite’s integration with Facebook to sell tickets directly from their Facebook event pages. The in-app checkout has driven 33% of their sales so far this year. Plus, “Fans love that they can get their tickets without ever leaving the app,” Song says.

“A third of our sales have been through Facebook. It’s amazing. Plus, our fans love that they can get their tickets without ever leaving the app.”

– Paul Song, Owner

To date on Eventbrite Music, 53% of 45 East’s tickets sold have been through these new, automatic channels.

Tickets sold through Eventbrite Channels

Improving the box office experience for his team — and fans

Song used to stress about glitchy box office tech and over-printing physical tickets on the day of his shows. Now, he feels confident that their new box office solution will run smoothly.

Instead of wasting stock paper by printing excess tickets before their shows, the 45 East team uses the Eventbrite Organizer app to sell tickets at the door and print them right away. “It’s so convenient — and always accurate,” shares Song. “I can monitor how many tickets are sold at the door through the app. Everything is tracked — it eliminates any possibility of messing up.”

45 East’s pre-show prep has also improved using the Organizer app. “I used to have my staff come in almost 2 hours before doors open, but now they arrive just 30 minutes before,” says Song. “Training takes only 15 minutes. Plus they can scan tickets so much faster and with less hassle.”

Song has also been able to open his room up to more fans by using the app to monitor capacity. “I use it the night of shows to track sales and capacity,” explains Song. “Because we’re a nightclub, people leave before the show ends. Now, we can count those people and sell more tickets to late arrivals during sold-out shows.”

“The Organizer app gives us the flexibility to maximize capacity — which means more revenue for the business. As an owner, that is great.”

– Paul Song, Owner

Spinning up more events in good hands

“New features on Eventbrite Music give us more control and better day-to-day management,” says Song. “The ability to process refunds, give our promoters access to data, and set up advanced payouts truly helps the business.”

Song also has confidence in the team that has his back. “I know I’m in great hands. I never worry when we run into an issue, because I trust that things will get resolved right away.”

“I feel confident about doing business with Eventbrite. I know I’m in great hands.”

– Paul Song, Owner

“And the number’s don’t lie,” shares Song. “We’re selling more tickets every year. The business is growing.”

To learn how you can grow your business by making the switch to Eventbrite Music, get in touch with our live music experts.

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