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How Klaviyo More than Doubled Its Conference Attendance in One Year

Launched in 2012, Klaviyo’s marketing automation and email platform enables online businesses to better utilize their customer data and develop deep, personal connections with their customers. In the short time since the Boston-based company was founded, more than 22,000 businesses of different industries and sizes from around the world rely on their innovative solutions to grow.

As Klaviyo grew, leadership knew it was important to build a community and create meaningful relationships with their customers to help them effectively leverage the platform’s tools. So in 2018, they held a small user conference, Klaviyo:BOS, and set a modest attendance goal.

The results of their first event uncovered a business opportunity that would require a trusted partner to achieve their goals.

Klaviyo / Klaviyo:BOS 2019 / Boston, MA

The challenge: Build new events quickly and easily

The 2018 user conference focused on a simple goal: Bring the Klaviyo community together so that the team could meet them face-to-face and show them everything the platform has to offer. Capacity was limited to 300 people — an amount that proved to be too small.

After selling out the inaugural conference, it was immediately apparent that the company needed to invest in more events. A small but mighty team was tasked to travel the United States and host a series of free, intimate one-day workshops. The 2019 Klaviyo:BOS conference also needed to be bigger and better, so they doubled their attendance goal.

“Based on where we were moving as a company, we decided the conference should have a dual purpose,” says Morgan Laskey, Klaviyo’s Community Marketing Events Manager. “We wanted to support our community through thought leadership about the industry and provide education about how brands can use owned marketing and the marketing channels within their control—email, website, and mobile—to reduce their reliance on other paid advertising channels and third-party marketplaces like Google, Facebook, and Amazon where costs continue to rise despite brands continuing to see little in return, including virtually no data about the customers they acquire through those channels. We also wanted to highlight some of our fastest-growing customers who could provide actionable, real-life strategies and share the best practices they used with Klaviyo to own their marketing and grow their businesses.”

This expansion made sense for the business. But in order to reach beyond their customer database and create buzz for both the annual conference and its workshops, Klaviyo turned to a mutual client who’d rise to the challenge.

“I’ve done both small and large-scale events for almost a decade and already knew Eventbrite would be critical to our success when I joined the company,” says Laskey. “So I was happy to learn Klaviyo was already using the platform.”

“Even when I wasn’t running events, I would buy my concert tickets on Eventbrite, so I knew it was a trust-worthy platform.”

Increase sales through special promotions, without a hassle

To sell additional tickets, Klaviyo’s team came up with a “Friendship Day” promotion. As part of the special, attendees could buy one ticket for themselves and get one for a friend or colleague for free.

“For our buy one, get one promotion, it was easy to create a ticket type where I could price two tickets for one through Eventbrite. I had tried to do this in a simple way on other platforms before and couldn’t. ”

According to Laskey, customers loved the promotion and how simple it was to redeem, which helped boost ticket sales by nearly 40%.

“In only our second year of holding Klaviyo:BOS, a vast majority of the tickets were paid for. Normally at this early stage, you’re giving out a significant number of free tickets just to get people to show up. We didn't have that problem. In fact, we surpassed our attendees goal by 35%! We saw this as a huge success that we processed through Eventbrite,” Laskey says.

Klaviyo / Klaviyo:BOS 2019 / Boston, MA

Create a seamless experience and save time at check-in

To grow an event and build a good reputation, Klaviyo wanted to have a simple on-site check-in process. For attendees, event check-in can be laborious. Every moment spent standing in line is time that could otherwise be spent enjoying the event. For event organizers, training employees to verify identities and issue tickets, badges, and wristbands takes time away from other responsibilities and pulls money away from the budget.

To create a positive experience for everyone, Klaviyo leveraged Eventbrite’s partnership with event technology company Entegy.

“The day of our conference, someone from the Eventbrite and Entegy team came out in person to support us. He helped make sure our printers were working and that badges were coming out correctly, and he set up the iPads for staff to help keep things running smoothly. He was incredibly nice, helpful, and on the ball.”

As the Community Marketing Events Manager, Laskey is extremely busy on conference day, and saving time when training employees allows her to focus on everything else she needs to. “Having to train 10–15 staff members on the check-in process usually takes a lot of time, but using Eventbrite makes it the simplest thing in the world,” she says. “Even if an attendee made a typo, Eventbrite makes it easy to fix in a flash. It’s not an intricate process and saves everyone time.”

Klaviyo / Klaviyo:BOS 2019 / Boston, MA

Keep event setup, online registration, and in-app interactions simple

For their events, Klaviyo uses Eventbrite ticketing, and integration into Salesforce and Klaviyo’s own website to gain registrations. “Managing tons of events, it can get time-consuming if set-up isn’t super-straightforward and connected with our tech stack,” Laskey says. “It can be overwhelming if a platform has too many features. I love Eventbrite’s simplicity and how easy it is to get started.”

Laskey said that in her experience, Eventbrite’s registration form is much easier to set up compared to other platforms. She notes how this encourages more registrations.

“We like to keep registration forms short and sweet because, let’s face it, our customers are busy and short forms have been proven to increase sign-ups. Eventbrite lets us ask the crucial questions to gather the data we want about our attendees, without making the process cumbersome and turning them away.”

Laskey also said that their customers love using the Eventbrite mobile app on-site at events, because it’s so intuitive. During Klaviyo:BOS 2019, Klaviyo saw an 89% adoption rate of the Eventbrite mobile app. Her team also creates opportunities for event-goers to connect through the app not just during their conferences and workshops, but before events as well, which allows more time for members of their community to create lasting connections.

“I recommend that all event planners use Eventbrite’s tool that enables attendees to network through the app throughout the entire event lifecycle.”

Looking ahead: Expanding attendance even further

Klaviyo’s team said that they’re now pooling data they receive through Eventbrite to plan next year’s conference. Their goal for 2020 is to double attendance. “The value and simplicity we can offer using Eventbrite will secure more registrations and help our conferences grow even further,” Laskey says.

“Eventbrite is a very popular platform, and with the synergy between Eventbrite and Klaviyo, I’m very happy with the way our events have been turning out.”

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